Our Story

In January 2018, Celmatix allied with amazing companies and non-profits to launch the #SaytheFword movement. Our goal was to give women across the country a way to break the silence about their fertility and reproductive health experiences and discover a community of supportive, inspirational women, allies, and healthcare professionals.

We believe that every woman’s decision of if, when, and how to have kids is personal. But sometimes, when the personal remains private, we risk giving power to the shame that’s kept us quiet about our bodies for way too long.

We decided it was time to end the silence.


Our allies

We teamed up with companies who are as committed to helping women #SaytheFword as we are. Together, we created a space for women to voice their hopes and fears, connect with others who have experienced similar journeys, and for some, open up about their reproductive health for the first time in their lives.

Thousands of women took the #SaytheFword pledge and vowed to shatter the stigmas that keep us from talking about fertility.


To thank everyone who took the #SaytheFword pledge

Celmatix donated $10,000 on their behalf to four causes that support women’s health and reproductive empowerment.



We’re just getting started

The launch party’s over, but the work has just begun. At Celmatix, we’re driven by our conviction that personalized, reliable reproductive health information empowers women to take greater control of their lives.

That’s why we recently released MyFertility Compass™, a free online tool that uses peer-reviewed research and cutting-edge statistical models to estimate a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.


Your voice matters

Show the world that it’s time to end the stigma around fertility and reproductive health conversations. Share why you #SaytheFword on social and help us inspire a generation. We might even feature your post on Celmatix’s Instagram (with your permission, of course)!